A sleeve(less) dress

I wanted a shawl dress, a dress that muffles me.

I sewed wings instead of sleeves. I belive that two thinks are essential when conceiving a look: the shoes and the sleeves. As Cristobal Balenciaga, the sleeve perfectionist, I try to experiment with these parts of the garment, to find the right shape giving the perfect combination of freedom, comfort and style.

I found a sober but soft plaid for the dress and a degradé silk for the lining. I hooked the two sleeves panels inside the front darts. So I can change from a sleeved look to a shawl look by hanging the two panels at the back or by bringing them to the front.

Place to the photos now:










3 thoughts on “A sleeve(less) dress”

  1. Love it! It’s interesting without looking overworked. This is going in my ideas file. Great work!

  2. Such a simple thing,but it really makes the dress. Love the vintage feel!

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