A shirt for a dress

After the last transformation, I was running out of ideas for the remaining shirts I had in stock. But there is no other rule for inspiration, other than waiting for the right moment. One Sunday moring, with a very vague idea in mind, I felt that I was ready again for the re-fashion adventure.

To make a beautiful dress, you need a thick fabric shirt which was the case for this one. I cutted the shirt and sleeves at the armpits and removed the collar.

I turned the top of the shirt at 90 ° and decided it would be the top of my dress. Given the asymmetrical side, I had to find a different solution for each side to close under the arms. One side (the back of the shirt) was long enough to sew the parties together and make a short sleeve. The other side was too short so I added a little piece of fabric from a sleeve to fill the gap and stitch the front with the back of the dress. As you can see, the 2 old buttons from the top of the shirt have become a closure on the shoulder.

I also turned the lower part of the shirt at 90 ° to create the bottom of the dress that I crumpled to fit the waist. The breast pocket of the shirt became a pocket for the front of the dress.It is obviously necessary to sew the folds with an elastic on the half of the waist and under the arm in order to be able to put on the dress. I left the edges rough because the fabric was thick enough.

I like to wear the dress with a belt because the folds of the waist are well suited for this idea. It’s one of the dresses I’ve worn most this summer, along with my other fetish transformation I showed you a few years ago. It seems that blue dresses are becoming my summer uniform.


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