A ruffled shirt

After my last sewing project, which was long and complex, I wanted to obtain a more immediate gratification. Therefore, upcycling a man shirt was the perfect project. The idea of this refashion came from the shirt’s girly colour. You may wonder what a girly colour is…

Here’s the lavender color shirt, a little wrinkled, waiting its turn :

I cut the shirt into pieces: bodice, sleeves and collar. I removed the collar and cuffs as they were too worn:

I rose the underarm line and re-draw the side lines to get a closer fit to the body:

I shortened the bottom of the shirt with 10cm:

By cutting the sleeves, I was able to retrieve two strips of seamless fabric of ten centimeters wide each:

These fabric strips, folded in half, were then transformed into ruffles :

Introducing the new shirt with ruffled sleeves and stand collar :




The result is a girly shirt in a man color. With all these transformations, even the color has changed sex. Or is it me who has changed her mind? Meanwhile, the shirt has changed its owner.


3 thoughts on “A ruffled shirt”

  1. You’re right! It IS like the colour changed! It’s SO feminine, hard to imagine it was ever a man’s shirt – love the fit too, gorgeous!

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