A ruffled shirt

After a summer break in the mountains, I find little by little the desire to get back to my normal activities. However, the return to the reality of automn remains difficult, hence my very short post.

After transforming a man’s shirt into a backless top, I tried the extreme simplicity with this second transformation: less radical but more versatile.

To begin, I cut a small blouse in the man’s shirt.


I cut the sleeves lengthwise to retrieve the underarm parts.


Here’s everything I kept from the original garment:

I put together the pieces cut from the sleeves and sewn them together



I wrinkled them and I then pinned them on the bodice.



And after a short walk in the neighborhood, I took one picture for the front and one for the back. So, that’s all folks, thank you, goodnight and see you soon. IMG_7999



One thought on “A ruffled shirt”

  1. I love this – it is such a simple idea with a fabulous result! Bravo my dear, you are amazing!!

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