Fully Fashioned, the creative challenge launched by ARTE

Fully Fashioned is a competition organized by ARTE Creative, the think tank of the Franco-German TV channel. The aim is to present and reward the best clothing upcycling, the most original refashion. By browsing the gallery you can see creative transformations, but more or less wearable. Having a sense of challenge, I start thinking of an idea, original course, but also a new garment that I could wear every day. Read more

The pantsuit

Indian Summer is a concept that I discovered in Paris. This time of the year when summer finally decides to show up, but just to wave its hand before disapearing for 10 months. Indian Summer is a puzzle when it comes to dressing: summer dresses look too “holidays” and autumn outfits are too warm. What to do? A safe value is the linen pantsuit. Read more

One project

Sometimes ideas come to us when we are the least prepared to receive them. One day, I let my dreams be written by themselves on a white page, and when I wake up, the story got its meaning. I have not been hit by the grace in the middle of my life, but this new project was like a puzzle that solved by itself in a matter of hours. Read more