My golden skirt

This is not the first time I use a furnishing fabric to make a piece of clothing. The baroque vest was the first attempt. I think the upholstery are heavier, richer and often less expensive than apparel fabrics. Aesthetically they are very beautiful, but not very comfortable. They are thick but not warm, heavy but not stretch. Resistent and beautiful, but cold and rigid. Read more

The man’s shirt

The most wonderful and in the same time annoying aspect of sewing as a hobby consists in its practical and universal side. You can sew everything: curtains, underwear, clothes for dog, dresses for Barbie, fancy costume for children, bibs, lampshades …. But, by a strange coincidence, the seamstress’ friends and relatives are very much productive when it comes to imagine projects of sewing. Yes, you can do anything, but do you want to try everything? It’s like saying to someone who learns to write that he or she might try calligraphy afterwords. Read more

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«Paris sur Mode»

What’s hiding behind this name? Several trade-shows such as “Premiere Classe”, “The Box” and “Don’t believe the hype.” Still not clear for you? I agree, so let me explain. A few weeks ago, during Paris Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to visit the trade-show “Paris sur Mode” which includes several hundred French and international brands of clothes and fashion accessories. An opportunity for buyers to bet on fashion designers. Read more