One summer coat

I have been looking for a summer coat for a long time, enough time to become desperate. I wanted a classy, long and light coat. Unfortunately, the lately summer collections include a lot of trench coats, light parkas, Saharan jackets and other casual outer layers. So finding a classy coat which is also my size, become a very difficult mission to accomplish. Once I identified my specific and still unfulfilled need, I could not avoid the obvious: one is never better served than by himself. Read more

The man’s jacket

One of the biggest challenges for a seamstress is the man’s jacket. No false tone allowed, everything should just fall right. The hidden part or the interfacing is even more important than the exterior details, because it is precisely this internal structure that will determine the flattering and especially the durability of a jacket. Before starting this adventure, you should read technical sewing forums such as cutter and tailor to understand and admire the tailoring art. Read more